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We are one of the leading manufacturers in the Sports Garments Industry, based in Sialkot – Pakistan. We are some manufacturers in Pakistan who have vertically integrated setups and comply with social and ethical standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, CE, SEDEX, and Certified. The company has employed more than 400 workers.

Design & Development
Sublimation & Printing
Cutting & Stitching
Checking & Packing
How Do We Control the Quality of Every Manufacturing Process

Imported Ink For Printing

We use the best ink imported from Europe, the colors came out richer and brighter than normal ink. In addition to this, it’s eco-friendly. At the same time, we also do fluorescent ink, which can make fluorescent jerseys.

100% Inspection on All Garments

We does 100% quality inspection on all Garments, the quality inspection is including the logo, name & number, color, and quantity check. We also double-check the quantity before packing and shipping to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final product arrive to your hand.

Imported Printers

We use the most advanced printer Mimaki imported from Japan, which has higher printing accuracy than other Chinese-made equipment. Matching with the KIAN ink imported from Europe, the final product can achieve richer and brighter colors.

Imported Sewing Machine

All of our sewing production lines use sewing machines imported from Japan (Juki, Yamato, etc.). These machines are good quality and stable. It enables the clothing produced without skipped stitching and poor needle tracking issues. In that way, it improves the production efficiency greatly, so that we can serve customers more efficiently.